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Welcome Beautiful to your


-As a new guest, we'll require more time for a thorough consultation and proper time to create the look we are after.


-After the initial service, your maintenance service will be aligned with my regular color prices. Maintenance appointment pricing applies to guest who receive services every 1-5 months. For guest wishing to go over 6 months or longer will require selecting a new guest service at time of booking. 


-Pricing is broken down into 4 blocks to eliminate any confusion of what service or what look to book The more time booked the more we can achieve, as long as optimal color conditions apply.

-We are looking forward to meeting you and surpassing your expectations for your hair goals.  Start your experience by using the online booking system below.  You will have 4 choices to choose between:

-New Guest Haircut

(I don't recommend this for woman if your hair isn't cut above your ears.)

-New Guest Haircut & Style

(This includes a shampoo, scalp massage, custom haircut and style.)

-New Guest Root Touch-Up, Haircut, & Style

(This includes a root touch-up, with a haircut and a blow out.)

-New Guest Root Touch-Up w/ Partial Hi-light, Haircut & Style

(This includes root touch-up with a partial highlight, haircut and style. This is for someone wanting dimension,)

happy smiling woman drinking coffee
smiling woman with hair

-Next, you will arrive and be welcomed by your stylist who will go through a in-depth consultation process.  We will plan out, not just your first visit, but a long term plan to ensure all your hair goals are met.

-If your experience includes color, a formula will be custom blended for you and recorded in our database so that it is always ready and waiting at each visit.  We have a wide array of amenities to keep you comfortable as your color processes. 

-Your stylist will create a perfect cut for your face shape, lifestyle, and overall hair goals.  Styling tips and tricks are shared with you as we style your hair.

-We will wrap up the visit by sharing my recommendations for at-home care and set you up with your next appointment. You can expect a note in the mail with-in a couple of weeks and I will eagerly await your next visit. If you have any questions or concerns please email me @ I will be in touch with you within 24 hours Tuesday-Saturday.  

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