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Our naturally formulated hair thickening shampoo & conditioner treats thinning & hair loss while rejuvenating hair. RECOVER for Men promotes a healthy scalp externally & healthy follicle internally, allowing optimal hair growth against the causes of hair loss including: DHT buildup, thyroid related issues, medication-related hair loss, postpartum shedding, & post chemotherapy. Recover for Men is used every other day. It is color safe, vegan, cruelty free & formulated 4 all hair types. On average, 7 oz is a 3 month supply. On average, 16 oz is an 8 month supply. RECOVER IS BEST SUITED FOR: Anyone with signs of visible hair loss or thinning. Anyone who has thinning hair due 2 an illness or medication they are taking. Those who have tried other hair loss products & had poor results. Use EVERY OTHER DAY: •Apply the shampoo treatment 2 the scalp and massage throughout hair •Leave the shampoo treatment on for 5 full minutes, then rinse thoroughly •Apply the conditioner & rinse when done.

Actiiv Recover Men’s Shampoo

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